The Town

Grimtown is a real place. It’s the place where Gird_09 grew up. It’s a coastal town with a close knit community, much like the infamous Innsmouth, or an ocean side version of Twin Peaks. To outsiders, and the leaders of the community it’s like a real life Disneyland. To many visitors is vacation land it self, with its veritable archipelago of small islands, quaint houses and exotic dialect. The white painted houses with a sunny view of the ocean contrast starkly with the image of the nocturnal activities in Grimtown however. Curtains are drawn, and doors are locked and the television set is turned up high as the darkness is filled with fear. The night means violence, rape and even murder as desperate drug crazed youth seek some form of entertainment. Isolationism, fear, violence and traditional religion go hand in hand in Grimtown, and the name is well deserved. And it’s all with a smile.

Grimtown is a nice place to visit, and even better place to leave.


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