Sølvkre: Besatt

First full album by Sølvkre. Harsh black industrial and contemplative gravebient.

Kristian Hilpert: Renegade Fury

Part one of Kristian’s imaginary movie soundtrack. Eighties action all the way.

Sporhund 1991: Forræderi og Attentat / Gunvor Hals Halsbrekkende Brekninger

A single dedicated to the primitive post industrial sound of the early nineties.

Town of the Accursed

Grimtown celebrates 200 years of darkness, as the town we have our name after celebrates 200 years of being a town.


Sølvkre: Sølvkre EP

The first release by Sølvkre. Four delightfully dark tracks. Gravebient / south coast gothic.

Litanies of Vindication:

Getting back at people who keep you down is the best there is. Returning triumphantly to a place is a feeling like none other.

The Church of Grimtown:

Delightfully sinful nuns, human sacrifice and orgies. The Church of Grimtown is like most other churches.

Operation Payload II :  Release the Drones

We called it, the Cold War is returning.

The Return to Grimtown:

Welcome back to a place you’ve never been to, but also the only real home you ever had.

Caesarean Confession Tapes

Body horror. Pleasure, evolution and fear – it’s all the same.

Direct link to Bandcamp:

Operation Payload
World War Three the way we thought it would be, and never was.

Satanic Panic
Have you ever been called a devil worshipper because of your taste in music, films or otherwise?
This is for you!

A Menagerie of Suffering
Italian Horror and Exploitation, not only wonderful graphics and truly horrific content – but incredible music too!


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