BONUS! Magdalena Solis : Crown your whores and burn your Kings!

Magdalena Solis contributed a magnificent track to A Menagerie of Suffering and has once again graced us with their audiovisual madness, as a bonus to Satanic Panic.

Feast your eyes and ears as we present Crown your Whores and Burn your Kings! This one is really something!



Satanic Panic!


For our second release we present you with another free downloadable compilation called SATANIC PANIC! The theme is a dead give away, and needs no further introduction. Suffice to say, if anyone has ever looked at you sideways and suspected you of devil worship, or warned you about the moral implications of listening to the music you like or the films you watch – this is the compilation for you!


1 Yap Papaya – Protect You

2 Andreas Brandal – Deceived

3 Batcheeba – Witch

4 Blitzkrieg Baby – Incinerator Symphony #1

5 Ryder Farms – Dark Past Black

6 Gyron V – The Bleeding Sand Glass Hearts

7 Gird_09 – Slay the Nazarene

8 Xenarch – Illvminated (False Flag Sacrifice)

9 Frostwinter – Causa Della Morte (Maldoror’s Duality)

10 Continental Fruit – the Sad Gospel

11 Dead Skull – Inconvincible

12 (O)thers – Bad Things

The booklet also features artwork by the talented P. Emerson Williams and an introductory essay by the folklorist and writer Kristian A. Bjørkelo.

Don’t be a stranger. Let us know how you like it!

Download from mediafire here!

Menagerie of Suffering

Grimtown Records is proud to give you our first free compilation:

Menagerie of Suffering

a tribute to Italian horror and exploitation

We’ve put together a brilliant playlist for you, with a variety of artists who share their unique experience and visions. From pataphysics, ambient and noise, and further on to pure seventies retro. Download and distribute far and wide, and keep the spirit of exploitation alive and screaming.

If you like this music (and art), don’t be afraid to let us know, and don’t be afraid to tell the artists involved. Musicians are all psychick vampires, and want your emotional feedback. If there’s enough of it, there might be more releases in the future.


1 Three Winters – Atrocities
2 Atropine – Glass Jaw
3 Magdalena Solis – Prophetic Dreams
4 Others – Nero su Rosso
5 Miza[R] – Di Comunicazion Radio
6 Continental Fruit – Viva Fangoria
7 Veil of Thorns – Gli Occhi Della Notte
8 Dead Skull – I miei Colori
9 Gyron V – Killing for Satan
10 Gird_09 –  Seven Doors of Hell
11 Epilektrician – Scene 75, Interior – Bathroom Carnage
12 Andreas Brandal – All the Colors of the Dark

Go here to download from mediafire.

Magdalena Solis has also provided a video which can be downloaded here.

Update: Unfortunately the streaming version of the video has been removed by Vimeo.


The files are compressed to *.rar format, and you require Winrar to open the package. It’s been brought to my attention that this is not something everyone actually knows. Download Winrar safely from here – at no cost:

It’s a grim world.

Grimtown Records is preparing its first release, just in time for christmas.

Stand by for further details as we draw nearer to completion.