Open call for contributions!

Yeah, you heard it! For the first time ever we’re doing an open call for contributions. We’re doing a compilation called Litanies of Vindication, and you can be on it. Possibly, you SHOULD in fact be on it. All you need to do is:

1. Record a song that is not utter shit, or in a poppy genre that just doesn’t fit the profile. If we don’t like it, we’re not gonna include it. We’re broad minded though. (Endzeit EBM and nu-metal will not be considered for inclusion.)
2. Send it to in Wav-format. And label the file with your project name and the name of the track. Failure to get it to me in clearly labeled wav-format means you won’t be included, and I won’t bother nagging you to get it right. If you can’t get it right, you’re a moron. Also, we will not master your track.
3. Keep your track under nine minutes, inlcuding silent parts.
4. Do these things by October first. The compilation will be released on the following sunday at

It’s very simple. Now, go do it.

And please let your recording friends know!




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