the Church of Grimtown

Who knows what they worship in there, or even worse, how?

Who knows what sinful secrets of the flesh they share with each other under the patient gaze of their idols?

Who knows what – or even whom they tie to their altars?

And why?

We do.

Get the music for free at Bandcamp!coversmall

We Are All Alone Here And We Are Dead – Black Rain
Proteque – Suicidal Ignorance
The Subterranean – D.I.S.O.R.D.E.R.
Sølvkre – Sakristiet
Sinister Sister – First Step to Self Improvement
P. Emerson Williams – Chapel built of Spines
W H I T E – Grooming
Eris and Dysnomia – Sirens of Subterranean Seas
Continental Fruit – Meditations for Churchorgan
IJIN – Runnunrun
The Deluminated – The Shadowself


Cover art by Jessical Wall


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