Operation Payload II : Release the Drones

The world is yet again sinking into a bog of despair as leaders in the east and west fight proxy wars and try to get the upper hand on each other. Where the original cold war was fought in territories like Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, Nicaragua and Afghanistan this new one has so far seen battles over Kosovo, Georgia, Syria and the Ukraine.

Where to next?

Here at Grimtown Records we are no longer content to stand idly by and watch the world slide into another cold war. In fact we mean to bring it about by whatever means we have at our disposal.


1 We are all alone here and we are dead – Proud soldiers fear nothing
2 Loits – Internats
3 Atropine – Slogun [SPK cover]
4 Cide – Dmitry
5 (o)†HERS – Rossa Klebb
6 Kjøttmeisel – Clusterlove Kindergarden
7 The deluminated – War of the black magicians
8 The Subterranean – The Unforgiven
9 Gird_09 – Spasiba Korolev
10 Farmacia – Eternos
11 Fredrik Falk – Rogfort Irredentist Radio
12 Trøske – Mitraljøse
13 Origami Balistika – In Response to Death [Archival track]

Get the music here (stream or download):


Or here (*.zip file download):



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