Operation Payload (repost)

Proxy wars, nuclear threats, espionage and constant fear. The cold war came and went.

And then it came back. Not since I was a kid has Russians and Americans threatened each other with nuclear annihilation over some squabble in a satelite state.

This means nostalgia!


Download Compilation here:



1 Ryder Farms – Birds, Bees and Bombs

2 Jarboe / Sephid Tzefala – One Way Street

3 Blitzkrieg Baby – Children in Uniform (Aymeric Thomas Remix)

4 (o)thers – Black Lions

5 Ragefuck – Christmas ist Krieg

6 Atropine –  Blast Tense

7 Veil of Thorns – Harvest ov Souls

8 Proteque – Bright War

9 The Deluminated  – War of the White Machinehead

10 Dead Skull – Red Stone Years

11 Gird_09 – Sigint/Humint (Radium Edit)

12 Intercom – The Promised Deadland

December 2012.


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