The Return to Grimtown

The Return to Grimtownsmall

They said it couldn’t be done.
Hell. They said it SHOULDN’T be done.

Maybe they were right. Who knows what horrors lie in wait?
But we did it anyway.
We returned to Grimtown.

Get the music at Bandcamp or Mediafire.

1 (o)†HERS – Darkhorse
2 The Deluminated – Xheim
3 Blitzkrieg Baby – Those they Could not Fuck, they killed
4 Blitzkrieg Baby and Corrugator Supercilii – Lipstick on Burnt Lips
5 Farmacia – Oveja Negra
6 The Subterranean – Stalker
7 Qaal – Second Dawn
8 Murmus – Hellboud
9 Ryder Farms – Village of the Crazies
10 Sudokø – Analalvavl
11 Gird_09 – Elioud
12 Proteque – The Last Courage
13 Gyron V – FOTM
14 P. Emerson Williams – Promise
15 Kjøttmeisel – My Beautiful Shellfish


2 thoughts on “The Return to Grimtown

  1. I downloaded this, and it seems you did something not-so-smart during encoding most of the tracks, specifying V2 in lame, and a minimum bitrate that just fills the files up with zeroes. The smallness of the .zip reveals that.
    The worst example – indeed, the worst example I have ever seen of this – is track 10, which is really only a 116 k track packed in a 320 file, adding 176 percent of waste to the filesize. This is not the first time – I found the same thing on Satanic Panic – so I assume you have your encoders permanently set wrong. You do not need the -b and -B switches, they do not improve on sound quality at all.

    If you want to make the most out of big (“big” for mp3) then use V0 (i.e. –preset fast extreme). However V2 is usually sonically transparent, which would be practically confirmed if nobody have complained over the files so far – then you could just stick to V2 and remove those unwise switches.

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