Satanic Panic!


For our second release we present you with another free downloadable compilation called SATANIC PANIC! The theme is a dead give away, and needs no further introduction. Suffice to say, if anyone has ever looked at you sideways and suspected you of devil worship, or warned you about the moral implications of listening to the music you like or the films you watch – this is the compilation for you!


1 Yap Papaya – Protect You

2 Andreas Brandal – Deceived

3 Batcheeba – Witch

4 Blitzkrieg Baby – Incinerator Symphony #1

5 Ryder Farms – Dark Past Black

6 Gyron V – The Bleeding Sand Glass Hearts

7 Gird_09 – Slay the Nazarene

8 Xenarch – Illvminated (False Flag Sacrifice)

9 Frostwinter – Causa Della Morte (Maldoror’s Duality)

10 Continental Fruit – the Sad Gospel

11 Dead Skull – Inconvincible

12 (O)thers – Bad Things

The booklet also features artwork by the talented P. Emerson Williams and an introductory essay by the folklorist and writer Kristian A. Bjørkelo.

Don’t be a stranger. Let us know how you like it!

Download from mediafire here!


5 thoughts on “Satanic Panic!

    • We’re doing another one before christmas. The theme is set to be “The war that never was: World War III”. Don’t have a title yet. Do you have a link for a band or musical project or similar?

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